Manually Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalinator (SOLASS-100L)
 Manually Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalinator (SOLASS-100L)
 ※MLIT Type Approval No.4804


■ Make 2 liters of drinking water per hour. (40hit per a minute at normal temperature)
■ Desalinization rate: more than 95%
■ Drop test height: 30m

☆ The Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan has adopted officially.
☆ Mounted on lifeboats and life rafts.
☆ Remove not only salinity but disease-causing germ and virus of seawater.
☆ Passed 500 hours continuous operation test
☆ Biocide for after-treatment (for 10 times) is included.

Q. Is it the same as what is called a water maker from sea water?
A. Yes. The basic principle is the same as that of seawater desalination equipment commonly used in ships and plants. This product has achieved miniaturization and no power supply especially for use in emergencies at sea.
Q. Is it only for use with sea water?
A. This product can be used not only for seawater but also for freshwater (pond and river water).It can also remove bacteria and viruses, so it is also useful in emergencies.
Q. Does the desalinator have an expiration date?
A. Yes. We recommend replacing the reverse osmosis membrane inside the main unit every five years from the HK (The Ship Equipment Inspection Society of Japan) approval date. Please contact us for details of the replacement.
Q. Please tell me the aftercare method of SOLASS-100L.
A. If you do not use SOLASS-100L for more than 7 days after used, membrane post-treatment is needed to prevent a growth of bacteria inside of unit.
Q. Can I use SOLASS-100L in countries other than Japan?
A. Yes. SOLASS-100L is unnecessary for power supply device and batteries, you can use it everywhere in the world.
Q. Can I purchase SOLASS-100L in countries other than Japan?
A. We do not have overseas agents, please contact us directly.
Q. Do you have quality assurance for SOLASS-100L?
A. Yes. SOLASS-100L is approved by NIPPON HAKUYOHIN KENTEI KYOKAI(HK) and includes HK certificate.

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